Balbi Soprani has chosen to underline the typical qualities of the best grape varietals of Piedmont, making the most of their intrinsic features and producing wines that are clearly the product of the terroir. Balbi Soprani wines are recognizable, elegant and harmonious, paying homage to Piedmont’s long tradition of making naturally top-quality wines.


Balbi Soprani has chosen some of the best land in the Moscato hills to plant its vineyards, practicing sustainable agriculture and demonstrating respect for the local landscape and environment, making quality wines through careful and painstaking work in the vineyard.


Expert agronomics and a daily presence in the vineyard ensure that vines are grown in a way which makes the most of the natural expressive potential of the varietals, with complete respect for the timing and rhythms of nature. Everything is done by hand in the vineyard. Grapes are harvested and put into little ventilated boxes to be taken to the winery immediately, preventing micro-fermentation and oxidation: only the healthiest, perfectly ripe grapes go into Balbi Soprani wines.

Prestigious vineyards, top quality grapes, and highly expressive, pleasing wines: Balbi Soprani’s quality wines are the result of the winery’s ability to draw on the area’s natural vocation for excellence which underlines the characteristic qualities of the wines of Piedmont.”


Balbi Soprani is Cantine Capetta’s top of the line brand of wines. The estate in the heart of Piedmont produces the best of the region’s noble wines served in prestigious restaurants and bars. Balbi Soprani means total quality, elegance and an unmistakeable style.


Moscato d'Asti Docg is one of those rare wines that puts the true flavor of newly harvested grapes on the table. Without question one of the most characteristic wines of Piedmont and one of the world’s most popular dessert wines. Always delicate and never to sweet with intense aroma recalling wisteria, linden flowers, peach and apricot blossoms with hints of sage, lemon and orange blossom. Moscato d'Asti Docg is a partially fermented must preserving a large part of the grape’s natural sugar content, a characteristic that gives it its unique joyful sweetness. Pleasantly bubbly, it is the wine that best represents the area’s sunshine and the growers’ hard work and dedication.
Asti Docg is the sparkling version of Moscato d’Asti Docg. Made from the same varietal, Moscato Bianco, with the same focus on quality. It is fermented using the “Charmat” method, a natural fermentation technique that takes place in an autoclave to maintain all the characteristic aromas of the Moscato Bianco varietal. Asti Docg is the most popular of all aromatic sparkling wines, a stand out for its fine, delicate aromas and unmistakable fragrance. It is rich with an intense perfume containing hints of orange blossom, wisteria and acacia along with notes of mountain honey and a spicy backdrop recalling elderberry, yarrow and bergamot. A clear, bright, golden straw yellow color with a fine perlage and sweetness making Asti Docg the perfect wine for a celebration. Excellent as an aperitif, it also goes with sweets such as panettone and colomba, traditional cakes served at Christmas and Easter in Italy, as well as puddings and paste di meliga, the traditional biscuits of Piedmont. Asti Docg is used by mixologists to create cocktails with a delicate, attractive aroma.



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