Balbi Soprani is a brand offering a complete range of high-quality Piedmont wines and sparkling wines renowned all over the world. In Italy, its labels are exclusively available at restaurants and wine bars.

The Balbi Soprani project is an agricultural estate that brings together selected vineyards guaranteed by the Capetta family. Winemakers since 1953, the Capetta family operates in Piedmont, in Northwestern Italy, an area that is particularly suited to the cultivation of vines and the production of highly prized wines. An agricultural area whose Vineyard Landscapes have been a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 2014.

A complete range of high-quality Piedmont wines and sparkling wines renowned all over the world


Balbi Soprani is not only a chance to choose and offer the best selections of great DOC and DOCG wines and sparkling wines from Piedmont: it is also an important tool dedicated to restaurant and hospitality professionals in Italy. Now more than ever, these experts need to engage in strong, effective, efficient and synergetic partnerships that will support them in optimizing resources and prospects.

Thus, Balbi Soprani is the ideal partner: it combines Piedmont wine tradition with the best and new occasions for drinking, always keeping the leading Italian drinking culture and the need to satisfy the preferences of Italian wines and sparkling wines enthusiasts in mind.


Balbi Soprani offers a new and wide selection of the most popular and traditional Piedmont denominations, designed for those who are looking for authentic and elegant wines that are harmonious and balanced. Pleasant drinks that can masterfully embody the region’s best terroir, the passionate work of the Capetta family and the value of a brand that is synonymous with quality and attention to its products.


The history of the Balbi Soprani estate intertwines with that of the Capetta family. Originally from Santo Stefano Belbo, in the province of Cuneo, an area home to ancient winemaking traditions, the Capettas have been winemakers since the early 1900s.

In 1953, Francesco Capetta started the practice of vinifying great Piedmont wines after a careful selection of plots yielding grapes that ensure quality and excellence. In the 1970s, the Capetta family bought over 20 hectares of vineyards on the hills around the municipalities of Santo Stefano Belbo and Cossano Belbo, in the eastern part of the Langhe, on the border with the area of Asti.
Those lands, together with others that were either directly managed or handled through selected suppliers, would later become the very heart of the Balbi Soprani estate, as well as the family’s homonymous wine project. The idea of an exclusive brand and a range of wines made to promote and enhance the most successful DOC and DOCG wines and sparkling wines of Piedmont overseas originated from these very vineyards.

A project that has unfolded in a few years’ time, boasting wines and sparkling wines by Balbi Soprani and guaranteed by the Capetta family: they have garnered awards in the most prestigious wine competitions and have been successfully embraced by consumers and lovers of good Italian wine.

Balbi Soprani is history


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